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Wedding Peach Volume 1
Page 1

(Flower Girl):  Congratulations on your wedding!

(Bridesmaids):  Congratulations!

Page 2

Momoko:  The video of Papa and Mama's wedding ceremony is good no matter when I watch it.

Momoko:  Mama's wedding dress looks so great too!

Momoko:  That's right!

Momoko:  Let's see...  mama's wedding dress...

Momoko:  ...her memento ring and...

Page 3

Momoko:  Yep.  Pretty close.

Momoko:  Mama... you're watching over me from heaven, aren't you.

Momoko:  Someday, for sure, I'll wear this.

Momoko:  I'll have a happy wedding just like Mama.

Page 4

Momoko:  A Happy Wedding...

Momoko:  Yaaaa~n  (sort of like 'Yay' or 'Whee', etc., an expression of excitement)

Page 5

Man:  That ring is the same!  I recognize that ring!  The Illusionary Sacred Something Four!

Momoko:  !?

Momoko:  Who-who's there?

Page 6

Momoko:  Hunh?  I thought I felt someone there.

Voice:  Momoko!

Girl:  What were you just doing?

Momoko:  Hiii!  Yuri!  Hinagiku!

Momoko:  Ah....  Um....  (They-they didn't see me just now, did they?)

Hinagiku:  What the heck are you doing?  Today is when we go report on the soccer tournament!

Yuri:  It's probably started already.

Momoko:  Aaaa~h!

Page 7

Momoko:  Sorry!  I'll get ready right away!

(Momoko's foot catches on the hem of her dress)

Momoko:  Kyaaa~an!!  (Momoko's personal 'sound effect' when she makes a mistake, such as tripping on her dress)

Momoko:  Ah!  Mama's dress!

Momoko:  Waaaaa~h!

Momoko:  Sorry to make you wait!

Himagiku:  Geez!  It's your fault that we're late!

Hinagiku:  What are you doing all dressed up for a wedding rehearsal?

Yuri:  It's pointless since you don't even have a boyfriend.

Hinagiku:  You really need to find a boyfriend first.

Yuri:  It's useless for you to look for a boyfriend.  

Page 8

Momoko:  Whaaaa~t!  Neither will you two!

Yuri:  L-let's get going.  (This is bad...)

Momoko:  Wait up!

(Yanagiba-sempai shoots and scores)

Page 9
Crowd:  Way to go Yanagiba!!

Momoko:  Waaa~h!  He's so great!  Wonderful!

Yuri:  Momoko!

Page 10

Yuri:  Don't make such a fuss!  Take a good photo!

Momoko:  Okaaay!  (pouts)

Hinagiku:  Who's that cool player?

Yuri:  Centre field, 3rd year, Class A.  Yanagiba Kazuya.  The captain and the top scorer.

Momoko:  (fume)

Momoko:  Hold it!

More to come as time and patience become available.  ^_-

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