Mahou Tsukai Tai

The magic club

Nanaka, Aburatsubo-sempai, and Takeo-kun

Nanaka, Aburatsubo-sempai, and Takeo-kun

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Mahou Tsukai Tai

Mahou Tsukai Tai, translated as "I want to use magic," is a six episode OAV series, that then turned into a manga.

The main characters are high school students who are members (for various reasons) of their magic club. The five of them are also the only members. And, in accordance with the main characters being students, Mahou Tsukai Tai is set in a high school in a major urban city.

Now, the interesting thing is, is that not too long ago, the earth had been invaded by an unknown race of beings who now reside in a structure not too far out of the city, which is referred to as "The Bell." After the initial invasion, however, there was little or no activity at all from the Bell, except for the roaming gigantic spherical probes that occasionally were sent out from the Bell. As they floated down the streets, the citizens would just avoid them and carry on as usual, the existance of the Bell becoming rather everyday.

In order to impress Sae, a young, impressionable member of the magic club, its leader, Takeo, being the typically hormonal teenage boy, decides to take on the Bell himself with magic. Thankfully for him, he has the help of the very competent, and blatantly gay, Aburatsubo-sempai. ^_-

And thus the story begins.

Now, although I love this series in its entirety, I absolutely adore Aburatsubo. I'm not alone. So does Nanaka. And so do a lot of other people, one of whom has created a wonderful Shrine to him. Not only is he smart, gorgeous, and talented, he's also gay. Oh, and his seiyuu (voice actor) is the ever wonderful, sultry-voiced Takehito Koyasu (Hotohori, Zechs Marquise, and others...). ^_-

I will eventually be posting the summaries for each of the six episodes, as well as further information on the characters (who are hilarious) and other MTT related topics. But for now, please check out these other good Mahou Tsukai Tai! pages:

Aburatsubo-sempai has fantasized about Takeo-kun times.

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