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Why I Love Wedding Peach
The characters in Wedding Peach are very real, or as real as manga characters can get.  Yes, they have secret identities, but that's just one of those things you simply accept in manga.  Heck, the Tenshi do.  ^_- 

While the villains in series like Sailor Moon are otherworldly-looking (or out of this world altogether) bishounen, Wedding Peach boasts a cast of cute little demons, such as Jamapi here, who, as the little heart on his chest suggests, becomes good later on: 

Evil Jamapi...
...Good Jamapi
Note how the little broken heart on his tummy is mended when he becomes good.  Awwwwww.  ^_^

These little critters are especially abundant in the anime. 

Don't worry though--there are lovely bishounen demons, as well as cute human boys.  And, as magical girl series seem to demand, the Ai Tenshi have a protector--the dreamy blond Angel, Limone-sama.  Limone tends to like descending from the heavens on a shimmering staircase whenever he's needed.  However, the surprising, yet eminently satisfying, thing is that a good portion of the time, especially in the manga, the Ai Tenshi fight for themselves.  When Limone does appear, he usually crosses swords with Pluie, one of the arch demons, allowing the Ai Tenshi to defeat the demon that Pluie had sent against them. 

The Ai Tenshi themselves are neither perfect, nor totally incompetent to begin with.  Each has her faults as well as her strengths before her transformation.  It seems as if the change to Ai Tenshi merely gives them the added boost of confidence they need to defeat their foe.  (Of course, the ability to manipulate and focus love waves does help.  ^_-)  They may change their clothes, but not their personalities. 

None of them are rich, and they all make mistakes and struggle to overcome them.  They may gush over the wonderful soccer captain, Yanagiba-sempai, but they can also function without him. 

Yousuke, the typical teasing school mate, may annoy Momoko to the point of violence (on her part that is  ^_-), but there is genuine and touching care between the two which develops before Yousuke, the token magical girl love interest, is put under a spell/possessed/captured/turned into a toad, etc.  Even better, guess who saves his butt?  Multiple times. 

But Yousuke's no wimp either, and he helps Momoko out as well.  A nice touch is that he never falls in love with the mysterious, beautiful Wedding Peach, but rather love blossoms between the two as normal humans.  When he does see Momoko transformed, it doesn't take him long to figure out her identity. 
Of course these are only a few reasons why I love Wedding Peach, but why not watch/read for yourself and find some of your own?