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Just the facts...
Wedding Peach runs six volumes of manga and was written by these two:

Tomita Sukehiro
Yazawa Nao
I find it very interesting that two men are writing shoujo magical girl manga, but it would explain its differences from some more mainstream shoujo.

This manga series has now since been expanded into a 51 (?) episode anime series as well as an OAV series, and considering the ratio of manga to anime, quite a lot is filler.  For example, the first 12 episodes of the anime don't even make it halfway through the first volume of manga.  Thankfully, the filler episodes are pretty good and stay within the theme and storyline of the manga.  (Basically it takes on the style of "demon-of-the-week" but they're such cute demons.  =P)

At this time, there are no plans to release a subtitled and/or dubbed version of either the Wedding Peach manga or anime in North America, but the Techno Girls are currently fansubbing it.  (I believe that they're in the process of subtitling volume 3 of the anime).  The Techno Girls also have some information on their page regarding a horrible review of Wedding Peach done by Viz (who not only routinely reviews series shoddily but ironically liked Sailor Moon.  -_-;;).  It's her opinion that this will be a major set-back to seeing Wedding Peach in North America.  You can read more on her page.
The manga volumes are not broken into chapters, as some volumes are, but act as one volume with a sillier 'side story' at the end of each volume.  They also feature cute and often hilarious drawings of the characters, and sometimes even parodying their own characters.  I'll hopefully have some of those up soon.
There are also several film comics out there for the TV episodes.  I've seen them and I'm not all that impressed, however I'm not usually impressed with those.  They basically relate the TV episodes in still frames, and from the ones I've seen, they leave out some of the best scenes.  But, if you like the anime art, I can assure you that they're chock full of it.
I happen to like both the anime as well as the manga, although the transition into anime does change some of the characters, as well as adding filler.  Yanagiba-sempai has a lot more personality in the manga, and the interaction between Momoko and Yousuke is a little nicer in the manga (especially the sweet ones, which I won't spoil for you.)  Other than a few things, the character design and plot stays fairly close to the manga.

The music in the anime is pretty good, in my opinion, although typically shoujo in nature.  In fact, the three seiyuu (voice actors) for Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku make up the group FURIL (don't ask me where they got that name or what it means), who perform music from the show on stage dressed as their respective characters.