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Himechan and Pokota

Our heroine, Himeko, and Pokota, the lion, who were given a magical ribbon by...


Erika-hime from the magical world who watches Himechan...

That's gotta hurt

...and her friend, Daichi.

Nice try...

However, trouble ensues with the arrival of Arisaka Sei, whose mission is to take back Himechan's magic ribbon...

Sei Arae and his cousin

... which turns out to be on a bet with his cousin in the magical world (who happens to look just like Daichi...).

Dare ni nare!

Later, Erika gives Himechan another magical devide, which allows her to split into two Himechans at once.

Himechan helping her out of a tree

And Himechan's adventures continue as she makes new friends... and creates new problems. ^_-

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Himechan no Ribbon


Himechan no Ribbon is an excellent shoujo series based on the manga by Mizusawa Megumi. Its main character, Nonohara Himeko, is especially well done. Himeko, or Himechan, is very normal, as shoujo heroines go (and, for that matter, anime characters in general ^_-). Himechan is in Junior high school and is the middle child of three sisters. She has always greatly admired her elder sister, Aiko, whom she considers to be the ideal girl--Aiko is graceful, beautiful, polite, and talented at cooking, sewing, and the like. Her younger sister, Yumeko, is a bit more like Himechan, and is also quite a bit younger (Yumeko is in early elementary school or kindergarten).

The story begins as Himechan is given a magical ribbon by Princess Erika from the magical world. (By the way, Himeko's name means 'little princess.' Coincedence? I think not. ^_-). People in the magical world have 'twins' in the human world--i.e. people who look exactly like them (which explains why Sei's cousin is identical to Daichi). Himechan is Erika's twin in the human world which was why she was chosen to be the recipient of the ribbon. In order to qualify for the throne of the magical world, Erika must create something useful and have her twin in the human world try it out for a year to prove that it is indeed useful. Thus, Erika, visits Himechan and explains this to her. As part of the experiment, Himechan is also given a companion--her favourite toy, Pokota (the stuffed lion that appears at the top of this page). Pokota comes to life when Himechan is wearing the ribbon and acts as her advisor and confident.


Other characters soon show up and the series doesn't wind down for a moment. The storyline is superb and the characters are very well developed. As is common with shoujo series, the main character matures and develops, but in Himechan no Ribbon, it seems that the whole cast grows along with her. You can see the changes that slowly take place in all of them as the series progresses.


Himechan no Ribbon is a very funny, very touching, and very interesting series, all of which making it very addictive. (Just ask my friends. Ohohoho...). Currently there are 13 volumes of the anime that have been subtitled by Tomodachi (I have the first ten and am getting 11-13) and the manga series runs for eight volumes.


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Himechan has transformed times.


Ja ne!

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