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Bakuretsu Hunters
The Bakuretsu Hunters 
Haz Knight, Milphey Yu 
Haz Knight, Milphey Yu 
Isn't he gorgeous? 
Marron Glaces 
Takes after his mother 
Marron and his father, Onion... He definitely takes after his mother. 

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Bakuretsu Hunters 

Bakuretsu Hunters is an incredibly fun anime and manga series that happens to be one of my newest obsessions. ^_- (Although I have to admit--the anime doesn't always do justice to the manga). 

 Bakuretsu Hunters incorporates the elements of magic and sorcery, fighting, romance (okay, mostly hentai, but there is some romance), and a really good storyline. The characters are very well developed in some cases, and even those that aren't are still extremely interesting. (Again, you miss a lot of this in the anime version).  

The main characters are a group of 'Sorceror Hunters' who, under the direction of the Stellar Church, roam the continent of Spooner (yes, Spooner) to free the non-magic using populace from those sorcerors who abuse their power. This team is made up of two brothers--Carrot and his younger, but far more mature brother, Marron, two sisters--Chocolate and her younger sister, Tira, and Gateau.  

Now the interesting thing is, is that transformations take place when some of them go into battle. Now, this is in no way a Sailor Moon-type transformation. Carrot, when hit with any sort of magic, turns into a raging minotaur-type creature (and only Tira's whip can bring him under control), while the two sisters, Tira and Chocolate, transform into dominatrixes. @_@ Marron and Gateau don't transform, but each have their own special abilities--magic and strength, respectively. Another thing you'll notice is that the majority of the characters in Bakaretsu Hunters are named after food, usually desserts or snack food. In fact, just about every name is silly--the high priestess of the Stellar Church is called "Big Mama." ^_-  

I love all the characters in Bakuretsu Hunters; however, a couple catch my interst--Marron and Milphey Yu. They're both pictured on the side, and eventually you'll be able to click on them to go to their own pages, but since Bishonen no Miko has a wonderful page up for each of them, I'd really suggest going there for now.  

The series is 26 episodes long, with 3 OAVs (which are done a little differently, and stay more true to the manga). There is talk of Bakaretsu Hunters being picked up in North America, but for now, it's still available in the Anime Exchange.

Okay, not anymore.  Bakuretsu Hunters has now been released by ADV.  Yes, I've seen it.  Please buy the subtitled version.  (Although they didn't do a terrible job on Carrot's voice, the rest of them don't quite work...  -_-). 

Although I will eventually be adding character information, episode summaries, and the like, here are some links to satisfy your curiosity for now. ^_-  

Lady Andromeda's Bakuretsu Hunters World 
Marron no Miko's Bakuretsu Hunters Hall 
Has info, images, and shrines for both Marron and Milphey-Yu

I also highly suggest checking out her main hall:  
Bishonen no Miko's  Shrine of Bishonen
 The Anything Goes Bakuretsu Hunter Page  
Bakaretsu Hunters fanfiction and info from Nora (of DBZ fame)  
Bakuretsu Hunter according to Katchan 
More fanfiction 
**All images on this page can be viewed in full by clicking on them. The Bakuretsu Hunter images were generously donated for use on this page by Bishonen no Miko
Enjoy the series and please feel free to email me with any comments or questions. 
Chocolate and Tira have whipped Carrot  times. 

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