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Why we created the episode summaries and bought the Dragon Ball World books... Kiku: Hey look! We got some new tapes in!

Kichiri: Cool! Which ones?

Kiku: Umm... Lemme see. ::opens up tapes:: It says volume 2 of the Buu saga.

Kiose (from computer): Don't we already have that one?

Kiku: ::shakes head:: No. I think we have volume 3.

Kirone: Are you sure? What episode numbers are they?

Kiku (looking at tapes): I'm not sure. What episodes do we need?

(everyone looks at Kiose)

Kiose (looking up from the computer again): What? Episode numbers? Of the volumes or of the series? ::general blank looks and a sweat drop from Kiose:: Good grief. (turns back to the computer)

Min (from the television): What the f***! We have two tapes of the same stuff! I thought that jerk said these were 75-80! These tapes aren't even in the right order!
:;picks up tape:: And what the h*** is this!

Kiku: It's a Dragon Ball Z OAV from the second OAV series.

Min: What the f*** are you talking about! There IS no second OAV series for Dragon Ball!

Kiku (meekly): But it's a different cover. The guy said it was a different series...

Min: (shakes head)

Kiori: Hey Min! Why's this Slayers Next in with the Slayers stuff?

Min: Because some idiot (looks over at Kiku and Kichiri) bought the same volume of Slayers twice.

Kichiri: Hey! That's not my fault! How am I to know that the cover's incorrect!

Kiose (from computer yet again): Oi! You guys! I just got a list in! Come take a look and see what we want to trade.

(Everyone gathers around the screen and stares in silence as large sweatdrops appear on all foreheads)

Kichiri: Hold that thought. Let's check out 3 Steps Over the Edge. Maybe Curtis H. has the summaries for this. And then we can check here for this and - oh wait! Aren't there summaries for this on the RAAC?

Kiku: Isn't it on that homepage on Geocities? You know the one with the tiger? :: looks around hopefully::

Kiose (shaking head): I'll just e-mail them and see if THEY know...

Kiku: While you're at it, send away for those Dragon Ball world books. Ki-chan, let's get started on those Fushigi Yuugi summaries, and maybe Min-san could check out Vision of Escaflowne...

Min: You know, some of us DO have lives.

Kiku: Just think of this as a Christmas present to the other seekers out there... ::smiles hopefully::

Min: (mumbles something even Tasuki would be impressed with but goes off to grab some VofE tapes) ^_^

Back to some sanity and some spoilers.

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