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Dragon Ball Z episodes summaries Kiku's Guide to the Dragon Ball Z tv episodes

This is Kiku's guide to the episode summaries of Dragon Ball Z. The numbers listed originate from the Dragon Ball world books, where possible, which the Temple priestesses have all agreed is the best source.

Each episode's title is listed both in the romanji and English titles, where possible, and a link to the hiragana writing of the title, also where possible.
The translations of the original Japanese titles are not those done by the Temple priestesses but by those who have subtitled the anime. We realize that it may sound funny sometimes, but, hey, that's what it means. ^_^

Please note that at this point, not all summaries have been coded and made available on this page. They're all there, promise, but it's a matter of typing and coding them.
So please be patient. We all know just how long of a series Dragon Ball Z is, so keep checking back as more summaries will be posted daily (or as near to daily as we can get). Ja minna! ^_-

Please use these quick paths to find the section of Dragon Ball Z that you want:

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The Vejiita Saga

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 24

Sayonara Ten-san! Chausu no sutemino senpou
Good-bye Ten-san! Chaousu's sacrifice

Everyone is mourning Yamucha's death. Kulilin gets angry and puts his full energy into his attack and destroys all but one of the Saibamen, who, after coming out from his hiding place, is quickly dealy with by Piccolo. Everyone is impressed but are shocked when Vejiita and Nappa both emerge from the dust unscathed. Nappa then begins attacking, first going after Piccolo, and then pausing to power up fully.
Meanwhile, Gokuu has just passed the halfway point on the Road of the Snake.
Nappa and Tenshinhan square off with Nappa easily dodging all of Ten's attacks and eventually taking off the lower part of Ten's arm with a single blow. After beating Ten a little more, Nappa receives a surprise attack from Chaousu, who glomps onto his back.
Despite his efforts, Chaousu won't get off of Nappa's back and just when Nappa is about to crush Chaousu into a bunch of jagged rocks, Chaousu slef-destructs in order to take Nappa with him.

Episode 25

Tenshinhan sekkyo kore ga saigono Ki Kou Hou da
Tenshinhan's Last Scream! His last energy beam

Nappa has survived Chaousu's final attack while Chaousu has died in the attempt. Tenshinhan flips out and furiously attacks Nappa while Piccolo, Kulilin, and Gohan prepare to attack Nappa when he becomes distracted with fighting Tenshinhan.
Just as Nappa is about to finish off Ten, Piccolo and Kulilin jump in and attack with relying on Gohan to put in the final blow. They get in some good hits, but as Gohan sees a furious Nappa rocketing towards him, he gets scared and runs away without attacking. Piccolo and Kulilin try to recover the plan by firing their own blasts, but to no avail as Nappa is unharmed. The two then try to use the split form technique to gain an advantage but Nappa beats them anyway.
Nappa is busy boasting as Ten wakes up. Grieving over Chaousu's death, Tenshinhan summons up the entire remander of his ki and fires an incredible last Ki Kou Hou at Nappa, giving up his life for the chance of destroying the monster altogether.
Unfortunately, though, Nappa spies Ten's blast just before it strikes him and he goes unhurt. However, just as Nappa is coming in for the final blow on Piccolo, Kulilin, and Gohan, Vejiita stops him and says that he would like to wait to see this "Gokuu" and that they will wait three hours for him to show up.

Episode 26

Hitasura matte 3 jikan! Dangan shi kou no kintoun

Waiting patiently for 3 hours! Kintoun flies

They wait for 3 hours, with Gohan initially starting to leave, but Nappa's taunts make him angry and he stays. Bored with waiting, Nappa decides to go off and take a look at the planet, and destroy a military force or two while he's at it.
Meanwhile, Gokuu has reached the gates of the afterlife, and Kamisama meets him there to transport him back to the physical plane. From Kamisama's palace, Gokuu calls Kintoun and, after collecting Karin's last two senzu beans, he rockets off on Kintoun towards the battlefield.

Episode 27

Bakunoma kasete! Gohan ikari no dai bakahatsu

Leave it to me! Gohan's Explosion of Anger

Piccolo forms a plan to defeat Nappa by grabbing his tail, as that is the Saiyajin weak point. Piccolo, Kulilin, and Gohan each decide on their roles and Kulilin distracts Nappa while Piccolo grabs his tail. Gohan doesn't chicken out this time and is about to strike when Nappa knocks Piccolo out and reveals that neither he nor Vejiita have sensitive tails any longer.
Meanwhile, Chichi comes down the stairs of Kamehouse, heavily armed, and the others barely prevent her from going to the battlefield to save her son...
Kulilin and Piccolo are being beaten by Nappa, and Kulilin tries to use his Kienza, which almost works as Nappa foolishly tries to catch it, but Vejiita warns him just before the blast strikes him.
Suddenly, Piccolo and the others sense Gokuu's approaching ki and realize that he has returned from the afterlife to help them. Nappa doesn't believe them and has Vejiita look on his scouter to see if they're right. Vejiita does and is shocked to see a very high reading. Worried, Vejiita orders Nappa to kill them all now before Kakarotto (Gokuu) arrives.
Gohan gains courage knowing that his father is on his way, and tells them to 'leave it to him'. Surprisingly, Gohan boots Nappa firmly into a rock formation, which angers the giant and he fires a deadly blast at Gohan. Piccolo, however, shields Gohan with his body and takes the hit for him.

Episode 28

Saiyijin no mouii! Kamisama mo Piccolo mo shin do

The Savagery of the Saiyajins! The death of Kamisama and Piccolo

Piccolo has intercepted Nappa's blast intended for Gohan, and dies as a result, taking Kamisama with him into the afterlife. Gohan becomes enraged and fires on Nappa, using a very powerful blast, which only numbs the giant's arm. Exhausted, Gohan is prepared to die by Nappa's boot, when he is swept away and finds himself on Kintoen.
Gokuu has arrived and proceeds to give half a senzu to both Kulilin and Gohan. He then takes on Nappa, whom he trashes.
Meanwhile, back at the kamahouse,Uranai Baba has arrived to let everyone watch the fight via her crystal ball.

Episode 29

Tousan sugee ya! Kyo kokuno kisaku wa za Kaioken

Wow Daddy! Kaiosama's killer technique

Nappa is furious and Vejiita yells at him to focus or he'll lose. And although Nappa does calm down a little, Gokuu still beats him, and finally Vejiita calls Nappa off, saying that he's embarassed them enough.
Nappa decides to amuse himself with Kulilin and Gohan, which is a BIG mistake as Gokuu uses his kaioken technique to intercept him and beat him further, throwing him to land at Vejiita's feet. Vejiita, in disgust, kills Nappa himself.
Gokuu explains the Kaioken technique to Kulilin and Gohan, and why he can't use it very often. He tells them to go, so he won't be distracted during his fight with Vejiita. They fly off, and Vejiita and Gokuu size each other up.

Episode 30

Genkaio koeta atsui tataki! Gokuu dai Vejiita

A Battle beyond Imagination! Gokuu vs. Vejiita

Gokuu and Vejiita fly off to a faraway place so as not to destroy the surrounding people. They exchange the usual pre-fight banter, and then power-up and begin to fight. Vejiita seems to have the upper hand, so Gokuu decides to use Kaioken. Vejiita, however, is not impressed and instead he impresses Gokuu with his own power-up.
Because Vejiita still seems to be ahead, Gokuu decides to risk using the double strength Kaioken.
Elsewhere, Lunch is drinking in a bar, mourning Ten-san's death when the Earth begins to shake at Vejiita's power-up. She and the other townspeople run outside to see what's going on.
Meanwhile, UrainiBaba's crystal ball is still on the fritz... so they decide to use Bulma's scouter to monitor the battle.
And as Gokuu finally decides to push himself to triple Kaioken, Yajirobe shows up in the background.

Episode 31

Ima da Gokuu! Subete o kaketa sai go no oowaza!

Now Gokuu! The Great Last Effort

Gokuu powers up to triple Kaioken, and the power causes Bulma's scouter to explode. This time, Gokuu attacks and Vejiita is hit hard. This angers Vejiita, who gets mad enough to power up and prepare to destroy Earth with his Gaalic gun. Gokuu is forced to counter with a Kamehameha but they are then at a standstill. Gokuu pushes himself to quadruple Kaioken and is able to over power Vejiita, who is caught up on the rocketing Kamehameha and is thrust in the stratosphere.
At this, Yajirobe appears and goes over to congratulate the exhausted Gokuu, who informs him that Vejiita is not dead yet. Thus Yajirobe runs away again to "cheer Gokuu on from the sidelines"... @_@

Episode 32

Sentouryo ku 10 bai! Vejiita sai hen shin

Episode 33

Episode 34

Ute Kulilin! Negai o kometa Genki dama!

Go Kulilin! The Last Hope - Genki Dama

Vejiita and Gohan are still fighting as Kulilin forms a Genki Dama from the energy Gokuu has given him. Kaiosama instructs Kulilin on what the Genki sama is and Kulilin waits for the right moment to throw it.
Gohan has been doing his best to hold off Vejiita, but suddenly Vejiita gets the better of him and is about to finish off Gohan when Kulilin senses Vejiita's evil and throws the Genki dama.
Unfortunately, Vejiita leaps out of the way at the last second, and the ball is then headed directly for Gohan. But Gokuu tells Gohan to rebound the ball as he has no evil in his heart. Gohan is able to bounce back the blast and it strikes its target - Vejiita.
Meanwhile, Bulma announces that everyone can take her car to the battlefield and Karinsama arrives just in time to lead them there.
However, the battle isn't over yet, as Vejiita falls back down to Earth with a vengence, and is proceeding to trash Kulilin and Gohan, whenhe notices that Gohan's tail has regenerated...
Episode 35

Kiseki o okase! Suupaa Saiyajin Son Gohan

Son Gohan Super Saiyajin

Bulma-tachi are heading towards the battlefield, and Chichi demands to know if Karin is sure if Gohan is all right.
Vejiita is about to cut off Gohan's tail but Gokuu tells Gohan to look up at the moonlight Vejiita has left shining up in the sky. Gohan does and transforms before Vejiita can remove his tail.
Gohan goes wild at first, and destroys everything around him, until Gokuu speaks to Gohan's heart, and directs him at Vejiita. Gohan wildly goes after Vejiita, who gets beaten around quite a bit until he is finally able to cut off Gohan's tail in midair. This, however, is not a smart move on Vejiita's part, as the partially transformed Gohan crushes Vejiita into the Earth upon his descent.
Vejiita, still alive, summons his spaceship via remote control, and is about to crawl inside, when Kulilin drags himself over and, picking up Vajirobe's fallen sword, is about to finish Vejiita off. However, Gokuu speaks to Kulilin's heart and asks him to stop. They argue but Kulilin eventually lets Vejiita, who upon leaving promises to return and kill them all... -_~

Episode 36

Tobidase u choue! Kibou no hoshi wa Piccolo no furusato

The Star of Hope - the Home of Piccolo

Bulma-tachi arrive just as Vejiita's ship disappears out of sight. Chichi fusses over Gohan while they load up Gokuu and prepare to take him to the hospital. They gather the bodies of the other fallen warriors, and everyone deeply mourns their deaths.
On the way to the hospital, however, Kulilin mentions that there may be a way to revive everyone after all. He tells Bulma what he heard the Saiyajins say about the planet Namek and its Dragon Balls. At Gokuu's request, Kaiosama determines where Namek-sei is and confirms that there are still Namekseijins living on it. However, Bulma mentions that it would take an obscenely long amount of time to reach the planet, but the problem is solved when Kulilin suggests using the spaceships that the Saiyajin came from as Nappa's should still be left. With all these details sorted out, everyone gets excited and prepares to head for Nameksei.

Episode 37

Naruno Junzabiido! Kamisama no u chuusen osaga se

The Mysterious Junzabid

Gokuu-tachi are at the hospital, and are being bandaged, much to their displeasure ^_- . Later, they are all in the hospital room when Bulma bursts in insists that they turn on the t.v. On it, they see a special report on the spaceship, and Bulma says she has figured out how to use the remote Kulilin had given her and she presses a button to have the ship come to her. She has, however, obviously not studied hard enough, because the button she presses, makes the ship self-destruct.
Everyone is heart-broken, when Mr. Popo shows up with a solution. He has discovered the ship that Piccolo originally came to Earth in as a child. He eventually convinces a reluctant Bulma to come with him, upon leading her to it, they take a test flight to Jupiter, and discover that the spaceship is incredible.

Episode 38

Take off for Namek! The terror that awaits

Bulma and her father are fixing the space ship, while in the meantime, Gohan has snuck out of his hospital room in order to practice. Chichi discovers that he is missing, and, just when she is about to catch up to him, Gohan pretends he was just reading outdoors.
Bulma has announced that they are ready to go, and Gohan wants to go with them. Chichi initially refuses to allow that, but, after a fight, she reluctantly gives up. Ten days pass, and Bulma, Kulilin, and Gohan board the ship to go to Nameksei. Gohan has shown up with his mother and grandfather, dressed like a little dork ^_^ and heavily laden with textbooks. Once inside, however, he changes into a set of 'Piccolo-style' clothing. Bulma is simply disgusted at how lightly the two are taking things, and goes off to change as well.

Episode 39

Teki ka mekataka? Nazo no chadai rachuu sen no nidomo taka

Friend or foe? The children of the mysterious giant space ship

Bulma is bored, while Kulilin and Gohan are spirit training. Gohan wins and the two wake up, and Bulma tells them to clean up the mess (even though it's hers). Meanwhile, in the hospital, Gokuu is training again, and the doctor and nurse stop him again. And on the roof, Chichi is watching the sky and worrying about Gohan.
Back on the space ship, Bulma was just wondering where Vejiita went off to when suddenly the sensors show something's approaching. The ships fire on them and they retaliate, but accidently end up on the other ship.
They get out and look around (with Bulma still in her underwear) and subsequently encounter traps. Bulma-tachi almost fall outinto space, but they escape and then find food on a table (which turns out to be another trap). Bulma is captured and then so are Kulilin and Gohan.

Episode 40

Episode 41

The Kind Aliens... A Dragon Ball Suddenly Appears